The Class

The Class of 2019 is blessed and privileged to study as student physicians at Loma Linda University’s School of Medicine. The opportunity to learn how to make man whole is a fulfillment of a lifelong dream for many of us. While we look forward to when we will serve as physicians, we do not want to defer this divine calling until that day.


It is an honored tradition for each medical school class to pick a mission project which lasts for the duration of their time at Loma Linda. Our class considered several projects, but the one that resonated with us the most was the Waterloo Adventist Hospital in Sierra Leone, Africa. 


Beyond the obvious benefits of these fundraising efforts for the people of Waterloo, our class chose this project as something that we can become personally involved with. In fact, one of our classmates was able to go as a missionary to Waterloo this past summer. We are also planning on it being a fourth-year elective rotation for our class as well as future classes. This would provide an incredible hands-on opportunity  to serve and practice medicine while furthering the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.